Algarve surfcamp Portugal. You can see our surf school in amado beach at the far right end

Algarve Surfcamp Portugal

YES! You too can learn to surf
in our Algarve surfcamp

Algarve surfcamp, in Portugal, is in breathtaking Sagres county.

From 295€ a week, our surf packages start ANY weekday and include 6 days of surf lessons in our epic surf school (two surf lessons of one and half hours each per day), equipment, accommodation, and breakfast.

See our Algarve surfcamp and surf school locations in Sagres and Carrapateira, and start dreaming :)…with a VIRTUAL TOUR and DRONE VIDEO for YOU to ENJOY!

Our Algarve surfcamp packages

You are booking directly with the Algarve surfcamp Amado: no middlemen

This is the real Algarve surfcamp Amado, we are not a consolidator tutti-frutti webpage offering you an infinity of surfcamps worldwide.
Direct booking with the owner means speed and accuracy, we take responsibility for everything, there is no one else to blame. We are surfers and specialists in the only thing we sell: Our Algarve surfcamp and surf school Amado.


I can take your booking now! Aloha Juan

Please have a quick look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To book, just send the contact form below or email me directly at You may WhatsApp me anytime on +351 927 831 568 or chat with our messenger chatbot.

We take pride in answering very fast: 50% of emails in 1 hour, 90% in less than 4 hours 100% in the same day

A L O H A 🙂

    The most beautiful thing we have seen written about us by... Redbull!

    “Probably the most unpretentious surf camp in the world is located in Carrapateira behind a hill in the middle of some fields.

    Surfing takes place at Praia Amado, a 30-minute walk away. The instructors are real originals.

    Biggest plus: Original Italian pizza from the stone oven – every day!”

    That’s an English translation of the German original article Redbull article.

    P.S Look for consistent waves and a friendly surf school : The Algarve

    Carrapateira in the Algarve has the most consistent waves in a Surfcamp in Portugal , especially in the summertime. Don’t take our word for it, check it yourself with independent sources. You need to be sure there are waves in the destination you choose for your surf vacation.

    Everybody can learn to surf with us in Portugal. From zero to hero, in the friendliest Surf School in Portugalno matter your sex, age, etc.. at your own pace, remember that the best surfer is the one having the most fun :). Our instructors are trained to be sensitive to the particular needs of families, women, and children, we have instructors of both sexes.

    P.S II A word about Amado, our Algarve surf camp and school

    Somebody said that unfortunately too many good businesses turn bad over time, and end up going bankrupt. We pretend to stay good forever, at our Amado Algarve surf camp and school. We were born and raised in Carrapateira, and we have been passionate about surfing, all our lives, long before surfing became “cool” and Carrapateira became one of the European surfing capitals.

    The school and camp have been up and running for nearly 20 years now. We started very humbly coming from a local fishermen’s family, betting it all, all our scarce resources at the time, and a lot of hard work. It worked out wonderfully, we are very happy to have the chance to serve you, in your first contact with surfing or helping you in improving your surfing ability.

    We don’t forget our fishermen’s origins, we have nowhere else to go and try “a fresh start” if we don’t work to your entire satisfaction. We and later our descendants will be here for many years to come, and you will be able to bring your children and your grandchildren as time goes by whenever the surfing bug bites you, and start dreaming of coming to Carrapateira, always at your service !!

    P.S III Coronavirus (COVID-19) matters

    We comply with all COVID-19 rules of the Portuguese government at all times. In case of any COVID-19 situation or restriction, you can rebook to a later date for free. This includes of course your home country restrictions and/or our region in Portugal restrictions, and obviously if you have tested positive for covid and you have to quarantine.

    We are open ready to welcome you!