You want to learn to surf you know you need surf lessons and decided to go all the way to Portugal because somebody told you Portugal has the best surfing in continental Europe.
Where to fly in Portugal? To the North, Porto? To the capital, Lisbon? Or to the Algarve, Faro? Important tip: In the summertime, the surf condition is more consistent in the Algarve, in the west Algarve coastline, to be more precise. We only have a couple of flat days in August at most.
Did you ever hear of Carrapateira?, Carrapateira is the surfing capital of the west Algarve at the heart of the Costa Vicentina natural park.
That’s where the Amado surf camp and surf school are based, where you can have great surf lessons. Carrapateira has two fantastic beaches with surf. The best beach for learning to surf in Portugal is Praia do Amado. The Amado surf camp has a surf camp about 2 km from Carrapateira in a natural setting with tents and bungalows. It also two surf camps in Sagres with rooms.
Don’t be afraid if you are an absolute beginner. Most of our clients are beginners too, about 70% of them. All our instructors are certified and know how to teach you in full safety. The school has adequate liability insurance.
Clients who have never surfed before when they arrive, usually stand up on the board at the end of day 1 in the broken waves or whitewater. At the end of day 5, they usually surf unbroken waves.
Don’t you think that surfing is not for girls, 50% of our clients nowadays are girls!
Don’t you think you are too old or too fat to learn to surf!
The only thing we ask from you is to be 8 years old at least and be with an adult if you are underage and, other than that we only ask you to be in good health.
You will love it, and you will return to the Amado surf camp time after time, year after year, and you will become a “serial client”.