Best surfcamp in portugal

You heard that Portugal is good for surfing? You heard right! But Portugal has many different places to go.  It has more than 800 km of coastline, so deciding where to go surfing in Portugal can be difficult!.
What you should be looking for is a place with guaranteed surfing  the time of the year you can go. This is what surfer call surf consistency.  Some places in Portugal  are world-class in October, but can be flat or with no waves many days in the summers, so if you choose to go there in summer months chances are you are getting some days without waves.
The west Algarve coastline that goes between aljezur  and Sagres is blessed with very consistent surf, or in other words, surf is possible almost every day of the year even in August, when the rest of Portugal  and the northern coast of Spain is flat as a pancake many day.
On top of that the white or broken waves are very powerful, and give ideal conditions for beginners who try surfing for the first time.
The capital of surfing in the west Algarve is Carrapateira, home to two very exposed beaches: Praia do amado and praia da bordeira.
Carrapateira still retains its fishermen town roots, just drop by the Carrapateira club and you will meet them before and/or after fishing. So the neighbouring restaurants are full of fished fish, it’s so tasty, eating a fish that was alive a few hours before in the Athlantic before turning up cooked in your table.
On top of that the temperatures in the west Algarve are warmer then in the rest of the west coast, as the further you go up weather is more unstable and temperatures lower, the way it is supposed to be!