Surf Guiding

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Surf Guiding one-to-one service for 1/2 day. An experienced surfer with local knowledge will go surfing with you to the best wave available in the area for your chosen day/time and your surfing ability.  You will be make your own decisions and will be responsible for your own safety while surfing. 

  • º You don’t need to take surflessons anymore but don’t feel comfortable surfing on your own in a new place 
  • º You are not good enough in timing the tides and/or reading the waves 
  • º You are not sure if your board is the right one for you and want honest accurate feedback
  • º You want to surf  with someone with local knowledge both of the surfing scene and restaurants  etc
  • If most of what is written above applies to you, then YES! this service is for you
  • º Briefing  before going in the water debrief after surfing and tips upon request while in the water
  • º 2:30h in the water maximum


  • º Surfing equipment, if you don’t bring it, you can rent it through our rental service
  • º Car. You are suppose to use your car, but if you don’t have a car we can supply the car for a fee

Surf Guiding prices



1/2 Day (2:30h in water)



Surcharge if car needed



1/2 Day (2:30h in water)130€150€
Surcharge if car needed50€50€

Amado beach and Bordeira beach included if you don’t bring your own wheels.


With your car or paying the car fee, we can go as far North as Arrifana, as far South as Sagres, or as far East as Burgau.