sagres surfcamp breakfast


The day starts around 9 a.m with a wholesome breakfast that will leave you full of energy for you surfing day. After breakfast, around 10.30 a.m we will drive you in our vans to the surfing beach in no more than 20 minutes. Our usual surfing beach is Amado.

surfing part one


Once in your surfing beach, we will give you your board and wetsuit for the day. We will assign you to a group of similar surfing level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced. Your instructor knows how to make you progress as fast as possible to the next level. 

sagres surfcamp surfing


After the morning surfing session, you'll have a one hour break so you can rest and drink and eat a little bit be it a picnic you brought or you can get it from the bars, and then the afternoon session. In all you will have three hours of surfing lessons per day. 

sagres surcamp chillout


After the surf, we stay a little longer on the beach or on a bar terrace having a drink while looking at the waves, it is so nice to just chill out after the surf. At around 5.30 or 6 pm we will drive you back to your surfcamp.

evening sagres surfcamp


Your evening dining options: Prepare your own food in a fully equipped kitchen, have dinner in a restaurant, once a week we have a barbecue night in one of our surfcamps, then we go to hit the night bars. 

night sagres sufcamp

Night Life

Sagres has a cool nightlife scene, a group of about 5 bars are next to each other within walking distance from both our surfcamps. Some days there is a band with live music. Carrapateira is quieter but has a couple of chill out bars.





 VIDEO a day at the surfcamp by our client Gaetan